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Did she always work this hard? Minako asked herself, but decided not to make it audible. She then remembered that deep down, she had always wished she was like Mitsuru, in the way that she worked harder and was much smarter than anyone else she knew.

When Minako stepped inside the lavish home, her mouth went slightly agape. It fit Mitsuru to a T, in Minako’s opinion, with all of it’s shininess and glory. “This is amazing!” she exclaimed, examining the area around her.

All she could think of was how Mitsuru could bare to live at the dorms while she had such a place like this at her disposal.

“It’s very beautiful,” she told the older woman, smiling as she did so.

Mitsuru waved off the compliments, slightly embarrassed. It’s not like she designed it or anything — an interior decorator did all the work, and thus should get all the credit.

She ushered Minako into one of the more comfortable living rooms, and settled onto a plush couch. “Do you want something to eat or drink? I’m sure my chef could fix us something.”


She had a point, he chuckled lowly. “Touche.”

He had gotten used to this ‘nomad’ lifestyle over the years but she held an offer that he couldn’t refuse. “Anti-Shadow Unit, huh?” Akihiko didn’t take long to accept. To put this power to good use is what he strived for above all else.

Stepping forward he held his hand out to her, intent on sealing the deal. “You’ll have to tell me the details later but, count me in.” Their firm handshake officially bound their informal agreement, now all that was left was ‘home’. Knowing Mitsuru she could probably just call a limo instead of a cab.

As soon as Akihiko’s hand left hers, Mitsuru pulled out her phone and texted her location to her household staff, who quickly sent out a car to pick them up. It wasn’t anything extravagant — just a plain black Mercedes. She slid into the backseat and waved Akihiko in.

"You’ll have to tell me more stories about your travels on the way. I’m sure you have a few." She smiled and tilted her head, settling in for the ride.

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Persona 5 in early development



If you’re a fan of Persona, you may want to sit down and then stand the hell back up for this news. In the latest Famitsu, Team Persona producer Katsura Hashino has confirmed that the team is hard at work on the next core Persona game - Persona 5. No details on what platforms it will land on, but odds are it’s going to be a PS3 and Xbox 360 affair. 

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Mitsuru was always kind, despite what anyone said about her, he knew that, but he couldn’t help but be just a little surprised. Akihiko feels like he’s imposing but he really doesn’t have many options here. He bows his head because he feels guilty. “‘Sorry, if that’s okay with you? I’m sure I could find a place around here…”

The wind picks up and he feels cold again, maybe he should invest in a shirt for his limited stay. The fighter sighs and resigns himself to relying on her for the night. “Thanks, Mitsuru. I guess I owe you one. I can find a place tomorrow so I won’t bother you for too long.” 

The red-haired woman shot him a half-amused, half-irritated glance. “If you staying with me would bother me, Akihiko, I wouldn’t have offered. Honestly, we lived together for how many years? Four? And you didn’t bother me then, so why would I care about you staying with me for a while now?” She waved a hand in dismissal. Perhaps her house was a bit different than the dorms, but the same general principle held.

A hotel was a rather transitory place, and if he was that sure he could find one quickly, he must not be being too picky, indicating that he wouldn’t really be staying long… “I must admit, I was hoping you would stay in Iwatodai on a more permanent basis. There’s a command position waiting for you in my Anti-Shadow Unit. If you want it, you need only say something, and I’ll make the arrangements.”

Sometimes her own responsibilities as the head of the Kirijo Group interfered with her duties to the Shadow Operatives. She needed a second-in-command to handle the day-to-day operation of the unit, and there was no one else she trusted enough to do it.

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Non-spoilery thoughts on P4A

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A carefree laugh left the girl, and she smiled at Mitsuru. “You’re a good friend, sempai, thank you for making time for me. I know you’re probably busy with work and everything, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t think I can really handle too many scary things in one day,” Minako laughed it off. “That sounds fine!”

As they left the dorm, Minako relived the memories that passed by her as she went. The third floor, where her own room was. The second floor that she had spent more nights in that she’d rather admit. And finally, the first floor, where they had eaten dinner together almost every night and lounged around during those hot summer days and cold winter nights, when they couldn’t go to Tartarus.

“Will we come back soon, Mitsuru?” she asked.

"Mmm, I do get fairly busy, but I tend to work far enough in advance that school and the Group should manage just fine without me." The woman shrugged and waved a hand. 

"We can come back tomorrow, if you want, after you’ve had time to let your mind rest for a bit. I’d say that you’ve likely put quite a bit of strain on it today." Mitsuru worried for a moment that she was leading Minako around too much, not letting her make her own choices, but she dismissed it after a moment. The fact that she even could lead the normally-headstrong Minako anywhere was worrisome enough, and she wanted to keep the girl where she could keep an eye on her. She felt like if she let Minako out of her sight, she’d just disappear again, like the whole thing was just a dream…

The trip to her estate passed in companionable silence, Mitsuru’s brain working overtime, trying to examine every possible reason for their leader’s return… as well as every possible consequence.

The maids at her house opened the doors and ushered them inside, and the older woman turned to her kohai and smiled. “Well, this is it…” She was well-aware by now that her home was a bit… extravagant to some people, and occasionally intimidating as well.


“Aaahah, N-No, that’s alright!” Akihiko swipes her hand away as if it were a fly because despite being just a poke he had gooseflesh already. He had one-too-many executions in his early days to know what this woman was capable of. The excursion never did build up any resistance and it was hell on earth for three very long days, he never wanted to see another snowflake again.

He smirks at her concern because it isn’t like her. “The experience alone was worth it but I won’t be doing it again any time soon.” He shrugs and pulls his cape over to cover himself, she’s making him feel like he’s under a spotlight. “Don’t tell me you were worried, Mitsuru.” more teasing, he knows she worries more than anyone but she’s the best at hiding it. He says goodbye to Shinjiro and motions for her to walk with him towards the shrine, he felt like they were bothering him with all their catching up.

When they reached the offertory box he realized he needed to book a hotel for the night. “Do you think there are any hotels with vacancies?” and not the one on Shirakawa.

It looked like his trip in the snow hadn’t done his ice weakness any good. “Have it your way.” She folded her arms and smiled. She’d always found it rather interesting that Akihiko’s Persona — the manifested strength of his heart — was weak to her own. She’d been glad of it, in the beginning, when she’d been a tiny slip of a thing and he’d already started gaining a reputation as a fierce fighter. It had given her confidence in a situation where she might have otherwise felt overpowered. Now it was more a hindrance than anything. Mitsuru Kirijo liked being in control, it was true, but the knowledge that she could physically devastate a friend was not altogether comforting.

Worried? Mitsuru just folded her arms and shot Akihiko a sharp look. Of course she’d been worried, he was out of the country for years. And her element of choice not withstanding, she wasn’t really an ice queen. She bows again to Shinjiro’s grave, making a silent promise to him that she’d keep a better eye on Akihiko. 

She joined Akihiko by the offertory box in time to catch his question about hotels.  It would be difficult for him to secure a hotel room this late in the day, and she was a bit worried about his financial state… “I’m not sure… but you’re welcome to stay in one of the guest rooms at my estate, if you’d like.”

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